Who Are We?

Half Breed Creations

Half Breed Creations began as a flea market enterprise to keep Dad (Major) busy in retirement when he decided to move from Oklahoma to Florida for a while. While in Florida he taught me how to make DreamCatchers, Medicine Wheels, Moccasins and various other Native American arts. We took this and combined it with my silversmithing talents to build Half Breed Creations into a successful farmer’s market business. While online was always an option to promote the business, we preferred the one to one personal aspect of meeting and talking with our customers, many of whom became friends. It wasn’t just a business, it was an opportunity to impart knowledge of the Native American people that most would not otherwise get. Although there is a “Native American Month” there is virtually no knowledge of the indigenous people imparted to others during this “month”; in fact, other than Geronimo and a few others mentioned in passing in history books, the achievements and contributions of the Native American people are all but forgotten.

The arrival of Covid this year has made it a necessity to give in and go online in order to stay in business; hence, this website. Sadly, Dad passed into the spirit world earlier this year and did not get to see us go “live” on the net. I think he would have been proud. We will continue to honor him and his work ethics and pride he had in his heritage by keeping this venture alive and continuing to educate others about our people.

And now that the powers that be have let us, we are back doing what we love, serving and interacting with the people who stop by to see our handmade arts at Lake Eola, Orlando Florida.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have visited and shopped with us over the past 20+ years. We couldn’t have done this without all of you.

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